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Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics

Curriculum Vitae

Studies in Philosophy, German Literature, and Linguistics in Zurich and Berlin. 2010 PhD on the ideal of equality of opportunity. 2004-2012 several positions as Research Assistant at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Zurich. 2005-2009 Stipendiary of the Research Talent Development Fund, Zurich University Association. Since 2009 visiting lecturer for ethics, political philosophy, climate ethics, biomedical ethics and ethical decision-making at several different universities and colleges of higher education. 2012-2015 post-doc researcher at the University Research Priority Program for Ethics, University of Zurich. Since 2010 director of the program Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics.

Research Areas

Normative and applied ethics (collective responsibility, risk ethics, climate ethics, biomedical ethics), political philosophy (theories of justice, equality of opportunity, normative democratic theory, green political theory).

Research Projects

  • Democracy for the Future: Collective Responsibility and Intergenerational Justice
  • Justice and Responsibility for Climate Loss and Damage
  • Justice and Participation in the Distribution of Environmental Risks
  • Social Equality: The Grass Roots of a Just, Liberal Society

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